Some words from WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg down under

matt-mullenweg-wordpressEvery Wednesday, I share tips and updates about WordPress because it is important for marketers to understand their tools and maintain them.

So today, I thought I’d share a couple of quick glimpses into the WordPress future from the man himself, Matt Mullenweg, WordPress founder, pictured on his recent trip down under.

These comments are drawn, primarily, from an interview done on Idea Log: Word Press, open source and world domination: why Matt Mullenweg looks for the things you can’t teach.

WordPress vs the rest of the internet

Matt is very bullish about the future of WordPress, which now accounts for 22 per cent of the internet market.

He told Idea Blog:

WordPress has about 22 percent market share, so there’s another 78 percent to go. A lot of the world is on proprietary systems or those that don’t respect users or give access to to their own data. Making an alternative is our way of making the world a bit of a better place.

This really captures why we champion WordPress at Baker Marketing: you benefit from the best of a diverse and passionate community of coders, and you remain in control of your site at all times.

Mobile friendly websites

Comscore reported earlier this year that mobile app usage surpassed desktops in the USA with 55 per cent of internet traffic on mobile devices.

This is worth noting today, a year after it was revealed that time spent on ecommerce sites in the US on mobile phones and tablets accounted for 55% of all time on those sites; mobiles 44 per cent, tablets 11 per cent.

With that in mind, Matt said mobile was the next big area where WordPress had plenty of room to develop.

While we have installed responsive design coding into our websites, it is heartening to hear that the head of the WordPress ship says mobile is the area of ‘intense focus’ right now.

Underlining all of this, is the fact that WordPress can scale and grow with you as you grow.

So here’s to a bright future for all of us who benefit from Matts’ vision of democratising publishing.



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