Ecommerce CMS: The lies competitors spread about WordPress

lies-about-wordpress Photo Steve DavisWe’ve just caught another web design company lying to a small business owner about WordPress.

And this is the sort of lie that has a way of creeping through business circles so I thought I’d deal with it head on today.

It’s about WordPress and ecommerce and the lie that it cannot cope.

As you will see, nothing could be further from the truth.

Ecommerce needs platforms that can scale

When you’ve been developing websites for a long time, you realise that ecommerce sites, in particular, need to be able to cope with increasing items, transactions and customer details over time.

In short, your system needs to be able to scale or grow as your inventory does.

A woman in the fashion business with a few hundred items in her current online store spoke to a nationwide web development company last week to get a quote to compare to the one we gave her.

She came back puzzled because they’d told her, ‘WordPress is not appropriate for your site because you have so many products.’

I saw red.

I have no problem with people promoting their wares but lying should not be something that ethical business people do.

WordPress is the king of scaling

What staggered me the most about the brazen deception this company is peddling is that they have picked on the wrong thing.

Firstly, WordPress itself, yes, that free, open source software I love, can run a website for a cornerstore or one for a multinational.

In fact, one copy of WordPress multisite is what runs

Does that scale?

Well, that one little copy sustains more than 9 million websites (yes, one copy of WordPress) attracting 350 million visitors each month who clock up a cool, 11 billion (yes, billion with a B) page views every month.

The mechanism at work is the clever way WordPress holds articles/blogs in the system, enabling them to be searched and displayed in numerous ways.

Some little sites using that you might have heard of include TED Talks and CNN.

But what about ecommerce and scaling?

When you use WordPress for ecommerce, the majority of ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce use this exact same method for products as I just described.

Each product is treated like an article/blog and can be sliced, diced and served up in numerous ways.

The German book store, Kinder Book, has a range of more than 60,000 products and guess what? It’s a WordPress website running the WooCommerce plugin.

And Soul Brother, an online record store, boasts more than 25,000 products humming away on WordPress with WooCommerce.

My main point today is to note that when you have chosen a platform for your site that is free and accounts for 1 in 5 of all websites on this planet, you should pat yourself on the back, stay vigilant, and just wish that other aspects of business had such a dominant, reliable leader.



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