3 types of blog post to light your marketing fire

blog-fire-kindling Photo Steve DavisIf your blogging efforts are leaving you cold, the trick might be to take some lessons from the fireplace.

I was auditing a new client’s previous blogging history this week with my colleague, Andrew Bell, in front of an open fire, when sparks started flying inside my mind.

You don’t light a fire with your heaviest pieces of wood.

Let me explain.

The guide to a great fire

Forgive my focus on fire but South Australian readers will know we are going through a bone-chilling winter at the moment.

However, as anybody handy with a fireplace knows, there are three main elements to lighting a good fire.

  • Paper
  • Kindling
  • Solid wood

By laying down some crumpled newspaper, layering it with thin timbers (kindling) and topping that off with some heavier pieces of wood, your three different fuels complement each other.

The paper instantly flares up and that burst of energy is intense enough to set the kindling ablaze which then burns long enough to ignite the heavier pieces of wood that will then burn and glow and give out heat for a long time.

The guide to a great blog

Now let’s apply these insights to blogging with our WordPress websites.

Your ‘paper’ blog articles are those that are likely to ignite interest and passions from people who are well placed to spread your message like wildfire.

In the case of the client I was working with, she has a wealth of knowledge in her field and enough client data that she could easily craft some observational articles on trends and preferences of Australian women within her sector.

If those articles are written well enough AND she uses Twitter and other methods for bringing them to the attention of journalists with an interest in her field, she is setting herself for striking a large match.

Your ‘kindling’ articles are those that might focus on particular products or services you sell or provide, or testimonials about your work or products.

These will be a small but strategic part of your overall blog plan for the year and can be useful in highlighting important, timely items.

For the client I was working with, these were the main types of articles she had been writing; they were fine and useful if you were already drawn into her world but none of them were likely to set the world, or Google, on fire.

Finally, your ‘solid’ articles are the ones that will keep burning forever, making sure your warm glow pervades Google for many years to come.

These would be your ‘how to’ articles and lists and other articles that share your distilled insights into the problems faced by your target market(s) and/or your strategies for exploiting opportunities of interest to them.

For this week’s client, this meant her articles on how to quit specific habits and lists of helpful foods/resources/sayings that give readers a real chance to taste and try before they buy any of her services.

My question for you is, are you lacking in any of these three areas?

Perhaps you could find somewhere warm to ponder that this week and start planning to rekindle your blogging efforts?



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  1. Barbara

    A Very helpful metaphor Steve! Thanks, Barbara


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