Making your mark in mass media: Let your blog shield you from the bright lights

mark-gamtcheff-abc-newsWhen one of our consultants at Baker Marketing, Mark Gamtcheff, appeared on ABC News last week, the temptation was to say, ‘woo hoo, we’ve made the big time.’

And while it was very pleasing to see, that temptation to think it was a ‘grand prize’ is something I want to explore in today’s article.

If your marketing and blogging goal to ‘make it big’ in The Advertiser, In Daily, TV news or on radio, you might be setting yourself up for a fall.

Don’t get me wrong, some attention from mass media will almost always be welcome BUT it should be viewed as icing on the cake rather than the main course of most marketing efforts.

Here’s why.

We are all editors

Back in 2006, Rupert Murdoch was quoted as saying editorial power was shifting from his news outlets to us, the people.

He was right, in theory.

Social media and social networking tools like WordPress, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, all began emerging last decade and they did put publishing power into our hands.

And some people have managed to use these tools to amass huge audiences.

But many businesses and organisations haven’t, partly because they have been too inwardly focussed (insert the sound of yawning) and partly because the people responsible for social media marketing still place mass media on a pedestal as THE way to prove you have MADE IT.

Mark Gamtcheff is a good example

My colleague, Mark Gamtcheff, is a good example for demonstrating this thinking.

He was in the Riverland last week, just as the ABC did a story on funding issues facing Regional Development Australia.

By being in the right place at the right time, he was interviewed about the program Baker Marketing was delivering in the region to help small businesses understand and exploit online and social marketing opportunities.

If we were lost to the old mindset that a mention in mass media is the key to business success, we would have been cracking champagne.

But that story’s role in our marketing plans and goals was minimal overall; wonderfully happy that it happened but not as important as our ongoing work of being available and relevant to our existing clients and those who recommend us to potential new clients.

Be the media channel you want to dominate

The simple message is this: Plan and implement (or maintain) your blogging strategy now, week in and week out, to make sure you are crafting content that will help:

  • YOU better understand how relevant you are to the marketplace
  • GOOGLE understand the products/services/solutions/opportunities you offer
  • EXISTING CLIENTS clients get better value out of using you as their ‘supplier’ or expert
  • NEW CLIENTS discover that you and what you offer just might be what they are looking for

And, most importantly, remember that while a buzz in the mass media will almost always be welcome, it is the solid foundation of being visible to and findable by YOUR key target markets that really matters.

This is why a very wealthy client of ours with a business almost nobody has heard of, is happily low profile. The RIGHT people know about him and his business.

So, with that in mind, was Mark Gamtcheff our Mr Right?




  1. Mark Gamtcheff

    Hi Steve! You’ve made some good points here… Ordinarily I would never agree to an interview, but I knew you were looking for more material for you blog 😉

    • Steve Davis

      You really are THE team player. Thank you for enduring your 15 minutes of fame on our corporate behalf 🙂


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