Is your digital footprint helping customers follow in your footsteps?

digital-footprintIf you’ve ever heard me talk it is likely I would have been urging you to blog to build your digital footprint.

This is one of the reasons why I champion WordPress so strongly; it’s made for it and Google gets it.

But in the current edition of Marketing Magazine, Todd Sampson from the Gruen Planet is quoted in a way that illuminates another reason for blogging.

Digital footprints required for trust

Todd Sampson was quoted saying:

The unwritten rule for business or as an individual is that if you don’t have a digital footprint I instantly don’t trust you

That’s a pretty blunt blanket statement but it is worth unpacking.

In Sampson’s statement there are three states:

  • No digital footprint
  • Negative digital footprint
  • Positive digital footprint

Most of us understand the consequences of positive or negative material, so let’s ponder why NO digital footprint might make you seem untrustworthy.

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer

The classic line from The Godfather about keeping enemies close means you get a better chance to respond to them if you can see what they are doing.

I think what Sampson is arguing here is that when we have nothing to find about you (a potential supplier, retailer, consultant, staff member, etc), we are left vulnerable; there’s no way to gauge you.

This is particularly crucial in online marketing because often your prospective customer has no tangible point of reference for you. For all they know, you might be operating out of a caravan and able to disappear in a flash.

So, as you regroup to blog again this week, bear in mind that not only are your helping to spread your relevance to the world, you are also laying down a foundation for trust.

Now, of course there will be things to say and things not to say but that’s for another day, another blog, and preferably after some strategic thinking about your audience, their wants and needs and your ability to meet them.



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