WordPress 3.9 wisdom: A paste in haste saves waste

wordpress-paste-as-text Photo Steve DavisSomething small but fundamental happened to WordPress in its new edition that might save you some extra time.

It might also save your website from being destroyed through haste.

It is a revolutionary change to the humble Paste As Plain Text button and it means that working fast will be more efficient than ever.

The sticky situation caused by pasting text

As I have written about in the past, pasting in text for you website from Microsoft Word or some other online page has been a risky business up until now.

The main problem is that when you copy and paste from another digital source you often are copying ‘invisible’ code from that page that is most likely to wreak havoc with the ‘hidden’ code that is keeping your site running smoothly.

This is why the instructions have always been to copy the content, come to your WordPress Page or Post screen and click the Paste As Plain Text or Paste From Word buttons to make sure that when you paste your content there are no nasties coming along for the ride.

Now you can ignore that advice.

Look, no hands (or clicks)

The beauty of WordPress as it gets even more mature is that the teams working on it can spend time finessing the details even more.

paste-as-text Image Steve DavisHere is what they’ve done with that Paste As Text button in version 3.9 of WordPress that rolled out last week.

  • Firstly, I suggest you find the Paste As Text button in the bottom row of your WordPress Editor buttons (look in a Page or Post and if you only have one row of buttons, click the Kitchen Sink button to expand your options)
  • Secondly, click it
  • Finally, happily paste in text from Word or other online screens DIRECTLY into your Page or Post (assuming you are copying and pasting your own content, of course)

If you like composing your blog posts and web page wording offline, you will hopefully find this latest innovation time saving.




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