WordPress breaks through the grey of Google like a ray of sunshine

wordpress-sunshine-in-grey-of-google Photo Steve DavisWhat I’m about to write will truly annoy some people in the website and SEO world, but I need to share it with you.

A client in Darwin running a small bed and breakfast has arisen from obscurity to page one on Google in six months, without doing any special search engine optimisation.

Her secret has been WordPress and elbow grease.

Why WordPress wins

Matt Cutts, one of the leading Google spokespeople on all things SEO, has long spoken in favour of using WordPress as the platform for building your websites.

He is on the record as saying that webmasters who choose WordPress as their website content management system have instantly dealt with 90 percent of the challenges in getting their content indexed by the search engine giant.

What was most encouraging about this week’s discovery of success was that our client came up via a completely generic search term; darwin bed and breakfast accommodation (accommodation was tacked onto the end of my search because Google suggested it while I was typing).

It is also worth noting I was not using a device previously used to look at their website, nor was I signed into Google. This means the search was unlikely to be tainted by my past actions.

Wheeling out the big guns

The key to this success has been making sure that wording on the website was clear, interesting to humans and inclusive of key terms like ‘Darwin’ and ‘bed and breakfast’.

However, the next task will be three-pronged:

  • Ramp up the use of blogging within her website
  • Use the inbuilt SEO tool in her Baker Marketing-built WordPress site to fine tune her efforts on a page by page and blog post by blog post basis.
  • Use funding from the NT Government accelerator program to test and apply Google AdWords advertising and boost her TripAdvisor presence.

By accommodating her level of technical skills and available time, and bedding some routines, we’re sure she’ll be able to shelter herself from the storm of competition and stay at number one in Darwin.




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