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hostgeek migration Photo Steve DavisQuite a number of Baker Marketing WordPress website clients have their websites hosted by HostGeek and have been notified that they are upgrading and moving their web hosting centre. (Note: HostGeek is not officially endorsed by Baker Marketing)

The notification email has gone directly to website owners, as it should, but has led to some who are not ‘tech heads’ or ‘geeks’ feeling a little lost.

So, apart from contacting us to check your status on your behalf, here is all you need to check.

What to test if you get the HostGeek email about ‘systems upgrade and migration’

The first thing to understand is what is happening.

Basically, HostGeek is moving all the websites they host onto new computers in a new data centre in Melbourne and as part of the move, the IP address for HostGeek websites (the special code that lets computers find things on the internet) is changing too.

However, this move will NOT affect you if:

  • Your website is not hosted by HostGeek (you would not have received the email in that case, so you can stop reading now)
  • Your domain name is registered with HostGeek
  • Your domain name points to HostGeek nameservers (read on for a quick check)

It WILL affect you if:

  • Your domain name and DNS settings managed somewhere else

So here’s all you really need to check.

Use the WhoIs service to answer the question immediately

The simplest way to know whether you need to take action or ask us to take action on your behalf is this.

If your website address ends in .au then go to the Australian WhoIs page and type in your domain name only.

For example, if I were to check our Rite Series website, I would go to the Australian WhoIs page and type into the box, not, then I would enter the code they ask you to type and click Submit.

When the page returns with results, scroll to the bottom and look for what is in the last few boxes where it lists your Name Server. What you want to find is and If you do, go on with your week as nothing needs to be done. See the image, below.


However, if your Name Server is set to anything else, then you need to forward your HostGeek email to your IT person to make sure they take action to update the A Record for your domain name exactly on Wednesday, March 19, 2014.

Of course, you can always contact us and we can step in to help you, but most of you will have no changes to make.

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