The web is a fast moving place so make sure your WordPress site keeps up

contact-formOne of the things I have noticed having returned from summer leave is how many WordPress plugin developers used the break to update their plugins.

Some of them have made quite considerable updates, truly overhauling their creations.

If any of your plugins have had this treatment, it is worthwhile walking through it to learn the lay of the land.

Fast Secure Contact Form

One such plugin that has had the rejuvenation treatment is the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin.

It has been the workhorse for me when it comes to inserting forms on websites.

It does not have all the bells and whistles that some other plugins have but it meets the needs of 95 per cent of our clients.

One thing that happened with the latest upgrade is that the author went through the plugin with a fine tooth comb and then made the user interface more helpful by splitting what was a dauntingly long form into a series of shorter forms presented in a tabbed view.

This now makes the building of forms much easier, requiring less scrolling up and down pages.

One side effect, though, was I noticed on one of my test sites that in this upgrade some forms stopped appearing. In their place was the line of text that ‘form 1 could not be found’.

If this has happened to you, go to Plugins > FS Contact Form and click on the form in question (for most of our clients that means Form 1). Click through and choose Save Changes. For me, this has rebuilt the connection and the form has reappeared instantly.




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