Stopping registration spam on your WordPress website

Better-WordPress-reCAPTCHAIt is safe to say that I have seen very few WordPress websites fall victim to registration spam.

However, if your site is getting annoying registrations, here is a plugin that can stop the problem NOW.

What is registration spam?

Most of us have heard of spam, which is unsolicited email.

If  you run a blog on your website, you might get comment spam, which can be meaningless comments that link to other or competitor sites, rude comments, or comments that flatter you with niceities but contain links to bad parts of the web neighbourhood, like porn sites, viagra sites, psychics or casinos.

If you have Akismet installed on your WordPress sites, spam comments are rarely seen and easily dismissed and never get to see the light of day.

Another form of spam is registration spam, which is someone or some robot going to the registration page of your site and registering to become a member. In most cases, especially in WordPress, that will gain them nothing and just appear as an extra user in your Users list (look for that in your site Admin area).

Our site is one out of the many, many hundreds of Baker Marketing WordPress sites that gets inundated with registration spam.

Interestingly, it happened after a number of my posts went quite viral.

So if you are getting annoying registrations, I have the solution.

The great WordPress fightback plugin

From the free repository of WordPress plugins, I have tested and used Better WordPress reCAPTCHA.

This free plugin can be installed and activated to oversee registration on your site.

Once that happens, your potential new registrants will be prompted to use the ‘captcha’ screen where they have to type in the words or numbers they see.

On the Baristador site this plugin stopped registration spam immediately.

My suggestion is to ignore loading this plugin unless you have a problem to deal with because if you do start getting the problem it is easy to add the plugin at that time.

Until then, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.



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