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google-in-sky Photo Steve DavisToday’s message is a brief one, about getting to the point in your blog post titles.

It was prompted by a recent workshop in which our group brainstormed potential blog post titles.

Google is the matchmaker in the sky

The key thing to remember as you set another blog post adrift on the sea of Google (yes, I’m mixing metaphors today), is that for Google to recommend it to people using the search engine, we have to make it really clear what each article stands for.

Here is an example.

‘How to make appointments’ was a suggested blog post article that someone suggested because it was a common question in their physiotherapy practice.

While that makes sense to someone ALREADY on their website (full marks) it is pretty generic and unnoteworthy for Google. In fact, that title as a search term is competing against 166 million suggested links.

However, if we imagine their practice is in Woolloomooloo, it would be better to craft a title that is NOT ONLY helpful to current site visitors BUT ALSO has an improved chance of helping Google connect us with new prospective customers.

A better title might be, ‘How to make a physiotherapy appointment in Woolloomooloo’. At least Google can only think of 44, 000 suggested links.

So, this week, perhaps consider whether you are being too vague or generic in your blog post titles and vow to get more specific (also known as helpful) from now on.



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