WordPress basics: Publishing a blog [video]

wordpress-basics-publishing Photo Steve DavisJanuary is ‘back to basics’ month for my WordPress blogs and today we’ll cover publishing a blog.

Over the next few weeks, I will also cover:

  • Formatting a blog post
  • Selecting categories and tags for a blog post
  • Scheduling a blog post

If you are an advanced WordPress user, I’ll be back to WordPress updates, issues and plugins in February.

After the draft

Some people like drafting their blog articles in Word or similar and then publishing them with a simple copy and paste manoeuvre.

This is fine, provided you use the special buttons that WordPress provides for pasting content safely:

  • Paste as plain text – the all round best and safest choice that strips all formatting from your text
  • Paste from Word – this is fine if you are pasting from Word because it strips some of the disruptive, invisible code that Word uses for formatting, while preserving safe basics like bold, italic, lists and heading formats.

Personally, I prefer drafting directly in WordPress itself.

The simple steps of publishing a blog in WordPress

Here are the simple steps for loading and publishing a blog in WordPress.

Log in to your website.

  1. Go to the Posts tab in the ‘back end’ of your site – this is the admin view where you will typically end up when you log in.
  2. Click Add New
  3. Draft or paste in a title – you do NOT need to use special pasting buttons for titles as no formatting is carried across into this field
  4. Draft or paste in your content
  5. Format as needed
  6. Select a category (or a few) from your list of categories
  7. Add some tags (keywords relating DIRECTLY to the topic of THIS post)
  8. Publish or schedule to go live later

That really is the task. Now let’s watch the video:

A final finesse?

While that is the job in its simplest form, each situation can be slightly different.

Over the next few weeks I’ll show you some extra tweaks and go into a little more detail with titles, formatting, categories, tags and scheduling.

WordPress Basics series




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