Top 5 holiday reading WordPress articles

new-year-wordpress Photo Jeff Golden via FlickrHappy New Year!

For most readers, this week involves some ‘down time’ so it’s the perfect time to give you something quick, easy and helpful to flick through.

In trawling back through the analytics for each of my WordPress Wednesday articles, I have found that these five specimens have been the most read during first half of this financial year.

So, wander through them and see if any resonate with your needs or niggling questions about your WordPress website.

  1. Add a PDF download link to your WordPress website
  2. 3 powerful reasons for using odd-numbered lists in your your WordPress blog post titles
  3. How can I display PowerPoint presentations in my WordPress website?
  4. Responsive video in your WordPress websites has gone from easy to simple
  5. WordPress 3.8: A change is as good as a holiday

Happy readying and may the new year be prosperous!



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