WordPress basics: Categories and tags [video]

wordpress-basics-categories Photo Steve DavisThis is the third week of a four part series on WordPress basics and this week we cover categories and tags.

Categories and tags help you blogging zing. Let me explain.

Your blog is a needle in a haystack

More than 2 million blog posts are published to the web every day.

Apart from choosing WordPress as your blogging platform, a couple of elements that will help connect you with people who want to read your work are your category and tag choices.

Firstly, WordPress requires each blog post to have at least one category selected so that it can be published.

You choose your categories when you set up your website and then can add to them as required.

Think of categories as the chapter heading for your online content.

Good categories are popular, explanatory terms that make sense in connecting your work with words and terms visitors might be using in Google and on your site to find content that you have published.

Your tags are threads connecting needles in haystacks

The Tags area of your WordPress editing page is for keywords or specific terms that make useful index words for the piece you have just published.

They can be specific names of people or topics.

Think of Tags as the index section at the back of a book.

As with Categories, use Tags sparingly so that each word chosen is relevant and that you don’t use so many that it looks like you are trying to ‘game’ or ‘spam’ Google and the search engines.

The video shows you the thought process in action:

Next week, I will show you how to schedule your blog posts for later.

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