WordPress 3.8: A change is as good as a holiday

wordpress-3-8Just in time for the summer holidays, WordPress has released its newest version with development led by WordPress creator, Matt Mullenweg.

The emphasis has been on beauty – but if you’re a pragmatist don’t roll your eyes just yet.

A beautiful workspace improves productivity

We have long known that if you have a beautiful, clean workspace with things you need readily able to be found, you can work much more efficiently.

The same applies to managing your website.

WordPress 3.8 applies tasteful, nuanced, elegant settings to the administration area, making it a pleasure to work in.

What I like, in particular, is the darker greys and charcoals which make the splashes of accent colour really helpful to my eye.

You wouldn’t read about it, would you?

And the font options got a makeover in WordPress 3.8.

Now WordPress natively supports the open source fonts made available to the world by Google.

I find these fonts clearer and more refreshing to read when compared to the old palate of just a few web safe fonts we’d been limited to since 1996.

Do that admin on your phone

Yes, WordPress has an app that lets you do your admin but now you can do admin on your site from a mobile device and enjoy a truly immersive, device-neutral experience.

And it all comes full circle when you can flick between eight different colour palates for  your admin area, as pictured.

The last thing to say is make time in the Xmas rush to update to WordPress 3.8, otherwise you’ll be on Santa’s naughty list!




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