What can you forecast for your customers and clients?

weather-forecast Photo Steve DavisMy mother-in-law is baking almond bread today (and it should whet our appetites for better marketing).

I know this because she told me yesterday she altered her pre-Christmas plans upon hearing that Adelaide is in for a mini heatwave this Wednesday and Thursday.

Of course. Doh. Coin drop.

It was one of those a-ha moments.

Colleen changed her cooking plans to avoid sweltering over a hot stove when the house will be sweltering too.

You might be shocked that I was so surprised by the usefulness of a weather forecast.

I confess I take little notice of them because my days plough ahead in the same clothes come rain, shine or even storm when I am in the Top End.

Even when I’m doing guest segments on Radio FIVEaa and have to wait for the announcer to work through the seven-day forecast I roll my eyes wondering who is taking all that data in.

But I am happy to admit that some people pay particularly close attention and that you and I might have some of those people in our target markets.

Be the canary in the coalmine for your customers and clients

What follows from this simple anecdote is that within your various target markets and customer/client groups, there will be people who would truly value your ‘forecasts’ from time to time.

Of course, there will be people like me who don’t care, but that’s okay.

You have knowledge about your field of expertise that helps you see things in the future that most of us would miss.

You might know:

  • When the new season’s colours will be announced
  • When the harvest of new produce will be at its peak
  • When a software update will be crucial to apply
  • When a government concession is due to end

For some of your audience, this will be very helpful if not valuable to know.

The first New Year’s resolution for your business

If you have no effective mechanism for staying in touch with your audience in between or even well after sales have taken place, 2014 should be the year to remedy that.

And I don’t mean another newsletter bombarding people’s inboxes.

A newsletter MIGHT work for you but it might also demand more effort and create higher expectations than you can realistically achieve.

A simple update list that people could join or be placed upon for occasional alerts of substance could just be the hotline THEY need to:

  • get best use out of your products or services
  • feel good they have connected with you
  • provide genuine talking points about you with their networks

Best of all, a service like Mailchimp makes it easy (and free) to not only create that list but to add a sign up form to your WordPress website. If you are not sure where to start, touch base with Josie in our office on info@bakermarketingservices.com.

Here’s to crunchy almond bread and a prosperous new year!




  1. Barbara Reinfeld

    As always Steve, your blog gets the little grey cells going.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.
    Very best wishes, Barbara
    studio stitches

  2. Mark Fraser

    Thank you once again. Simple and insightful.
    Mark Fraser
    Drive Smart Driving School

    • Steve Davis

      Thank you, Mark. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and that all your students have a safe time on the road over the holidays, equipped by your excellent, caring tutoring!


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