Responsive video in your WordPress websites has gone from easy to simple

responsive-videoEmbedding video into a Page or Post on your WordPress website just got a little easier.

One of my favourite plugins for this task, AR Responsive Video plugin, just simplified its interface even more.

Push a button or paste some code

In a previous article, Another new responsive video plugin for WordPress and YouTube, I took you through the steps of using AR Responsive Video.

It involves copying and pasting the link to your YouTube video into a special box, choosing your display options and then clicking Insert Shortcode.

But, the plugin developer has just adopted the native WordPress approach to embedding videos.

Here’s how you embed video the new way

So now, with that plugin activated, all you need to do when embedding YouTube videos is:

  • Copy the link to your video from YouTube, which should look something like this –
  • Create a new line in your Page or Post and use the Paste As Plain Text button to paste your video link – it should look like the one above, ie, just plain text and NOT converted into a live link
  • Publish or Update your Page or Post

That’s it.

Your video will now be sitting on your site, will fill the screen area where you placed it but will also shrink naturally with your page to fit whatever device your visitors are using.

Here’s one I prepared earlier from one of my online marketing workshops being run at the Adelaide Digital Hub. It is just a quick example of a video that was conceived, shot, edited and published as a group within about 20 minutes. It took 20 seconds to add it to this page.




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