Add blog categories to your WordPress menu

wordpress-category-menus Photo Steve DavisWould you like to give visitors to your site the option of cutting straight to everything you have every written about Adelaide or Chimney Sweeping or some other topic important to your business?

Today I will show you how you can add blog categories to your website’s page menu.

It is easy.

Seeing is believing – go on, try it

To demonstrate what I mean today, hover your mouse over the Marketing Minds link on the Baker Marketing website.

You will see two menu items appear.

At first glance, you might think they are Pages called Marketing Monday and WordPress Wednesday but in fact they are just links to those particular blog categories.

While it is possible to list all your categories this way, I have chosen to just choose my main two topics because I know that every article I write sits in one of those two categories.

Can your WordPress site hold Category menu items?

If you would like to try this, here is what you need.

Firstly, you need to be using the Appearance > Menu system for building your menus.

Back in the old days, on simple websites, it was quite popular to just let all web pages appear as you built them, using Sort number to make sure they appeared in the correct place on your menu.

However, these days, we set up all menus in the Appearance > Menu area, so click through there now.

Let’s install a Category menu item

If you have an active menu, let us try adding a blog category to it.

You will see the list of active pages on the right of your screen and to its left you will find various lists of content types ready for you to add to your menu:

  • Pages
  • Links
  • Categories

And even some others, depending on your WordPress theme.

Click on Categories and tick the box next to one, then click Add To Menu.

You will see that Category appear in the right hand area, at the bottom of your menu list.

Drag it up and notch it in a space underneath an existing menu item.

Click Save Changes and then look at your site live.

As you hover over your menu, you should see your category appear and, when you click on it, see all the blog articles from that category.

Of course, if you don’t like it on your site, go back to Appearance > Menu and remove the Category item then click Save Changes.

You can then go back to what you were doing or chat to us about investigating ways to make use of this menu approach in a way that works with your website theme.




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