WordPress 3.7: The update to rule all updates

steve-davis-updating-wordpressThe power of WordPress is not just the fact that its configuration is a natural welcome mat for Google spiders but the fact that it is CONSTANTLY evolving.

As new web technologies emerge, along with new online security threats, WordPress keeps one step ahead as long as you apply your updates.

The big news is that manual updates might soon be a thing of the past.

As a result, this picture of me captures me not only toasting WordPress 3.7 but actually updating my website at the same time. See, no hands.

One small step for WordPress, one giant leap for the web

If you maintain the discipline of applying updates as they become available, you keep your website safe.

However, as of this update, the thousands of geeks who contribute to the WordPress project have devised and tested a method that does minor updates for you automatically.

This means that your next MANUAL update will be when version 3.8 comes out.

Until then, the little security and improvement updates between major versions will happen while you sleep.

Or, more importantly from my perspective, while you blog!

But I’m nervous about this

Don’t be.

The WordPress team has built lots of safety measures into this automated process so that it tests the safety of doing your updates automatically.

Furthermore, once you apply update 3.7, you will see a note telling you whether your web hosting is appropriate for the automated process.

Click on Updates in the main Admin tab to access the update page.

And in further good news, the team is hoping to apply this automated process to major versions AND plugins soon.

Sit back, relax, and blog.



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