When your social media marketing causes Digital Distress, regroup and regain direction

digital-distress Photo Steve DavisA recent study by Adobe has found that many people using social media for marketing live with a constant fear they are slipping behind.

The research dubs this condition¬†Digital Distress and claims it is keeping marketers awake at night, just like a police car’s presence can raise anxiety even when you are doing nothing wrong.

The primary cause of this condition seems to be the constant pace of change in social networks and social media sites.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ have all undergone numerous changes this year, with many more to come and new entrants to add to the mix too.

Despite this chaos and the feeling of dread it triggers, I argue that much of this ‘distress’ can be alleviated if we forget about the shiny toys and focus on the people we are trying to connect with.

Change happens, but only on the surface

It is true that change will continue within social media for the foreseeable future.

It is also true that consumer habits will change as we all find new ways of connecting, using old tools, new tools and different combinations thereof.

However, what will NOT change is the set of basic human needs and our drive to find solutions to our problems.

And one potent way for helping potential clients or customers find you, understand they need you, or recommend you on to others, is to constantly be deep diving into THEIR worlds and the things THEY care about.

As marketers, we need to know that people don’t get excited by the technical aspects of what we do or provide but rather the What’s In It For Them aspect of what we do.

Stories, stories and more stories

Luckily, we are still only selling to humans and humans have shown quite a resilient passion for stories.

If you can weave helpful, insightful or entertaining content about how I might solve my problems or achieve a goal, you will have edged me closer to your world.

Go back to basics and build your foundation of blogs

I’ll keep saying this for as long as I need to: Strategically planning your blogging is the most cost effective, time efficient and powerful way I know for future proofing your marketing efforts.

No matter what new social channels might emerge, they will surely need content and story.

Your discipline of blogging not only provides links to share in any future social media channel but also keeps your vital storytelling skills honed.

So, with your marketing strategy revived and your blogging system in place, you will again be ready to engage with YOUR world in a meaningful, helpful and fruitful way.

I’m feeling more relaxed already! Are you? If not, sing out for some help to get yourself back on track.



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