The great Twitter coffee rescue: NBN workshop demonstrates social media in action

great-twitte-coffee-rescueIn the Adelaide Hills, a rare event happened during a Steve Davis workshop; there was no coffee available.

If you know me or have done any of my workshops, you will understand the gravity of this situation!

Aligning the elements in the Adelaide Hills

As it happened, the Digital Enterprise Program was at the point where I was demonstrating business use of social networking tools live.

So, into twitter I wrote:

Need a #coffee van in #Stirling #AdelHills now! Guaranteed 10+ #espresso sales at the council chambers. Please share. Help. Serious.

Notice that I deliberately used a popular hashtag for the region, #adelhills, because I knew that would be monitored by businesses in the area that had previously done our workshops and those that were otherwise ‘connected’ to the community through these tools.

As the timeline shows, within a few minutes, the owner of a local sports store, Craig from Sport First Adelaide Hills, had seen my tweet and retweeted it to his online community.

Then, 10 minutes after our tweet, he responded to us with this update:

 @stevedavis One on the way from Mount Barker Steve, Will be about 20 minutes. Please confirm still required.

We confirmed our distress and 20 minutes later we were all lined up at a coffee van next door, ordering our coffees on a chilly morning.

And in line with social netiquette, we gave social thanks for the response by sharing a photo (above) of our barista, Jacki from The Coffee Run, over Twitter using Instagram:

Thanks Craig and @SportfirstAdelH – Jacki from the #coffee run has rescued us

What do we learn from this?

Firstly, businesses and organisations can see through this real life example that people increasingly use social media to get ideas, leads and solutions on the path to ‘getting things done’.

Secondly, as we demonstrate in our workshops and use with clients, setting up focused eavesdropping on social media and having your listening post always on in the background, can connect you with potential clients, customers, and influencers, in a direct way that advertising struggles to match.

In fact, the reason we focus on this in the National Broadband Network-funded, Digital Enterprise Programs we are currently running around Australia, is that a post-NBN environment is the perfect platform for businesses and organisations to establish these tools and monitoring systems.

A bonus, opportunistic video

As a bonus, the workshop groups that day also got to see me shoot, edit, publish to YouTube, and share socially, a quick, ROUGH and ready video that catalogued our experience that day.

Here it is:

[youtube id=”iu6pymL1Lyw” mode=”normal” align=”left” autoplay=”no”]

This is just one of the myriad ways that social media tools interact with business and daily life.

It’s time to be social!




  1. Craig Blieschke

    Hi Steve, Awesome article. Thanks for the mentions. Cheers Craig

  2. Benjamin

    Fantastic Article Steve!! Shows the power of social media at it’s very best


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