Spam registrations and the WordPress plugin with a naughty honey pot

honey pot spam trap wordpress Photo Steve DavisI have noticed one of the WordPress sites I manage has been accruing a large number of spammy user registrations.

As I was researching the various settings within the ecommerce site, I stumbled upon the Stop Spammers plugin; and have fallen in love!

Destroying household pests

As you get more experience running your website, you soon learn that spammers are little more than household pests.

Their annoying efforts use up some of your website’s resources and create an extra burden of notifications and administrative tasks.

While Akismet, the WordPress anti-spam tool, does a good job of identifying comment spam and stopping it from going live on your website, the Stop Spammers plugin goes one step further to stop them registering in the first place.

You use honey to catch flies

Coder Keith Graham has created this plugin that does a number of things to stop spammers from registering on your site.

Firstly, his plugin integrates with the sign up process within WordPress and bounces any new user’s name, IP address and email address against some fairly heavy duty spam blacklists:

  • Project Honeypot
  • BotScout

It really is like passport control for your website’s potential terrorists.

Secondly, his plugin also creates a ‘honey pot’ login page that you and I cannot see but spammer’s automated bots are attracted to.

This absorbs their wasted efforts and lets you block them or divert them to a special page, perhaps a special message page just for them 🙂

All in all, this plugin integrated nicely and I am using it almost straight out of the ‘box’ with only a couple of minor settings changed.

I’ll watch it over the next couple of months and report back.

However, just the thought of the honey pot is providing a savouring thought of sweet revenge against the rogue underclass of the internet: Spammers!



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  1. Chris Fotiou

    Hi Steve, wouldn’t the world be a better place without spammers! I have the same issue with one of my WordPress sites. I’ve have been looking for a good registration spam blocker! Thanks for the tip. Chris.


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