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see-more-pages-in-wordpress Photo Steve DavisHave you ever looked at your list of Pages or Posts in your WordPress website and not found them?

You know they exist but you cannot see them in the list in the administration area.

This typically happens when you have more than 20 Pages or Posts.

The mystery solved

By default, WordPress shows you a handy list of Pages or Posts in groups of 20.

If you have 21 Pages or Posts, when you are in the admin area you need to click the arrow at the top or bottom right of the list to move to the next group of 20.

However, if you are brand new to the web or to WordPress, this might elude you for a while.

Or, more commonly, you might have settled on, say, 23 Pages and simply find it annoying having to click between page views.

The answer – show more Pages or Posts

The wonderful geeks behind WordPress have already anticipated your distress and created a solution in the Screen Options area.

At the top right of any WordPress admin page, you see a tab called Screen Options. See the image, above (click to expand).

Next time you are at the list of your Pages or Posts, click that tab to reveal a setting for how many items you want displayed in one view.

Make it 30 or 40 or 25 or 125 – whatever works for you.

Just remember that you can set it differently for Pages and Posts.



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  1. Leslie Dean Brown

    Oh thanks very much I never noticed that before!

    Many other sites say that you have to edit the php files, but it worked!
    Thanks you definitely saved me some time!



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