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shot-business-cardI have spent most of October in the Northern Territory for October Business Month and have been astonished by the creativity and ‘let’s try it’ attitude among many business people.

I was sharing a message that we are all sitting on a goldmine of marketing stories in any business or organisation no matter how big or small we are, from rugged outdoor adventure companies to quiet, methodical accountants.

So today I want to share three videos that were all shot in an effort to capture some essence about the organisations behind them.

Don’t dip your toe, make a marketing splash

This first video features Jamie from Aqua Kids Swim School in Nhulunbuy.

This was completely impromptu.

I saw Jamie and her friends enter the Walkabout Lodge for lunch, wearing their swimming gear with their school logo.

I asked if any of them would mind making a quick video about dealing with a phobia that was keeping me from swimming – water on my face – and Jamie just said ‘yes’.

She has since told me, she will be making more videos like this.

My thinking is that slicing off little aspects of learning to swim and the things that stop people doing it, will be much more effective than bland, conventional ads about swimming classes. But judge for yourself.

PS This was all one take and low tech, as you will see.

[youtube id=”54hysbfBxo8″ mode=”normal” align=”left” autoplay=”no”]

Don’t have a huge budget? Improvise!

This next video involved Tom from Earth Sanctuary near Alice Springs.

They run a completely environmentally friendly resort and one of their offerings are incredible, night time, star gazing shows.

In these shows, you recline on the ground and Tom talks you through the constellations.

We wanted to capture that during one of my talks, so we improvised this one-take wonder.

[youtube id=”bjwgLOGITTg” mode=”normal” align=”left” autoplay=”no”]

Ready, aim, create

The final video is a longer one that captured my first ever shooting lesson at Arnhem Gun Club with Sam, a gun club board member I met through Twitter.

This involved many little clips all shot and edited on my iPhone.

What we were trying to achieve here was to simply give potential new gun club members a taste of what it is like to learn how to shoot.

Other videos might follow that are shorter and on particular aspects of target shooting, etc, but this one is a gentler pace to capture the experience.

[youtube id=”RX5nKKDAoNo” mode=”normal” align=”left” autoplay=”no”]

Start this week

The key point in showing these videos is that they did not have any budget, all could be done differently with an experienced film crew BUT these items actually happened and are now doing marketing work for everyone involved.

So, while there is always the need to get professionals in for different aspects of your business or organisation, these Northern Territory people have all shown that there is no reason why you should not START digging deeper for your marketing stories.

And while you’re doing that, find ways to capture them through blogs and video so that Google can help share them with people who might be looking for someone just like you.



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