UPDATE: Voicemail plugin IS capturing messages on our WordPress blog

playing-the-pipes photo Steve Davis

Pipe Man, Adelaide

About two months ago, I installed a new plugin on this site called SpeakPipe, which lets visitors leave voicemail directly from their phone or computer. In the comments of that post, I promised I would report back on how the plugin is working, so here I am.

Light usage

For background on the plugin, read my post, Add voicemail to your blog feedback options with SpeakPipe. In essence, this free plugin creates a tab that sits on the side of your site and lets people know they can click on it to record a voicemail for you, rather than leave a written message. As anticipated, usage has been light but valuable. Approximately half of all messages have been from clients using this method to share short updates on a project. The other half have been from prospective new clients requesting meeting times. Both months have come in under the free quota of messages.

Simple to administer

The beauty of SpeakPipe is that when a voicemail is left, we get the following information:

  • An email from SpeakPipe telling us WHO has left a message and what their EMAIL address is
  • An MP3 file attached to the email of the recorded message, making it easy to share with other colleagues (or incorporate in a podcast)
  • A link to a sound file player that lets you simply click play to listen

The email not only helps the voicemail get tracked in internal systems so that follow up can be planned or logged easily, but it makes it easy to email the person who left the message so you can keep the communication going, or send a confirmation. At this stage, I am very impressed by this plugin and suggest it is worth considering if you are in any service sector. Is this something that might be of value to your marketplace? NOTE: The image, above, is of the Pipe Man, a busker in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall. I thought it might be a more interesting image than just a screenshot of SpeakPipe.



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  1. alice clark

    Hi Steve, the photo in your story is Pipe Guy (you can find him on facebook) and it would be good to acknowledge him if you use his photo, as you mention in the note at the foot of the article. Thanks!


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