Changing your WordPress theme: Don’t do it on a whim

change-wordpress theme photo steve davisDo you feel like it is time to change the look and feel of your WordPress by changing its theme?

Then here are some pointers on what to watch out for.

Slow down

An important discipline when you are active on your own website, is to remember that you see your website hundreds of times more than your typical visitor.

This means you are likely to get bored by your website design hundreds of times faster than they ever will.

So my first point is to stop and ask whether it really DOES need a change and whether you are just looking for a task that is more fun than creating content.

Responsive responsive responsive

It is 2013 and you must add one mandatory item to your checklist: responsive design.

Responsive design means your site’s content should ebb and flow to fit in a LEGIBLE way on the screen of any device a visitor is using to view your website; mobile, tablet, etc.

When talking to designers or searching for templates, make sure they specify Responsive and take a look at any online demo version of the theme on your phone first, before you commit to buy.

This is why the Baker Marketing WordPress Website Package now uses a Studio Press theme based in the Genesis Framework.

These themes (the ones we choose) are responsive and THEN tailored to your look and feel.

Be gentle on your site

If you are changing the number of columns on your website, ours uses two columns, you might need to do some readjustments when you have applied the new theme.

Therefore, it is good to change between themes that have the same basic layout and use of widgets in side columns.

Step in here to try it on

Finally, always remember that if you download, install and Activate a new WordPress theme and then don’t like it, you can always go back and Reactivate your old theme.

Change/install themes at the Appearance>Themes tab in the admin view of your website.

Note also that the free themes OUTSIDE the native WordPress repository can be substandard. So follow the basic principles shared above and have your webmaster work with you during this changeover task.




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