Avoid Apocalypse Now by updating WordPress NOW

update wordpress now Photo Steve DavisIf you have a WordPress site, stop what you are doing, seriously, and update it NOW.

The responsive team at WordPress headquarters have responded to notifications of three potential security threats and made important changes to the web system’s code to protect you.

Once again, we see the value of being part of an active, global, coding community where people are on deck 24-7, testing and developing the code structure.

How to update WordPress

More than seven million copies have been downloaded of WordPress version 3.6 and if your version is still stuck there, you need to act.

Simply log in to your WordPress admin area and in the top left Dashboard menu you will find Updates. Click it.

In the Updates area, at the top it will say version 3.6.1 is now available and offer you two buttons; one is to update automatically, the other is to download for a manual update.

I suggest choosing the Automatic Update.

The process will only take a minute or so and then you will be safe until the WordPress team protects us from yet another brainless, senseless attack from cyber delinquents and criminals who use their gifts to tear down rather than build something positive for the world!




  1. Jacqui Good

    Thanks Steve – great to have you looking out for us!

  2. Mark Fraser

    Took your advice and ‘stopped what I was doing’.
    Thank you for your ‘up to the minute’ articles and information.
    Great job.


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