It’s here: WordPress 3.6 – with revision help and better security


If ever you have found yourself deleting some passages from a blog article, rewriting, then wishing you could turn back time, the new version of WordPress has you covered.

In fact, we could say,¬†WordPress now has a much better memory than you do! That’s me pictured, trying to remember my original start to this article …

The beautiful thing about the new revision process is that you can step back, version by version, and see your text (old and new) side by side.

To help even more, WordPress uses a red or green tint around the CHANGED sections in each version, so you can compare what you deleted or added as you worked on your masterpiece.

The whole process starts in the Publish area in the top right section of the screen when you are composing your content.

You will now see a section called Revision and next to it will be the number of revision points available.

Click Browse to start the revision process.

During the process, you can also click to compare two revision points by ticking a box in the revision screen called, Compare any two revisions.

Finally, you can either Restore the Autosave you want to revert to, or just click the Post’s title at the top of the page to return to the normal editing screen.

See the WordPress Compare Revisions system in operation

I found this video on YouTube of a short demonstration of the Compare Revisions system in action.

It is a little blurry at first but soon slips into gear.

[embedplusvideo height=”410″ width=”680″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=98h-A2FpPYw&width=680&height=410&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=0&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep8014″ /]

As always, I hope this information prompts you to not only update to WordPress 3.6 but to also start blogging anew!




  1. Gianfranco

    I’ve read that by updating, a lot of the plugins dont function properly. Have you noticed any problems yet? Is it worth waiting til the 1st patch comes out? Thanks.

    • Steve Davis

      Hi Gianfranco

      The updating process in WordPress just gets smoother with each new release.

      I’ve overseen the update on all the sites I manage personally, with no issues.

      I would not wait until the first patch, but you are probably safe enough to wait a week or so before updating; anything major would be screamed from the rooftops of 19% of the web’s site owners by then.

  2. Jerome

    My Dashboard page is telling me I should activate BPS Security. Apart from the fact that their grammar needs improving I don’t really understand the Help, and I wonder if this is really necessary. My first question is if I invoke the recommended level of security, does it mean I need to relax the security (or do something else) when I want to make changes to the web site?

    • Steve Davis

      Hi Jerome. It is your choice regarding the options. My preference is to activate BPS Security because it makes it that much harder for criminals to hack into your site and, no, you don’t need to turn it off to make changes. I wrote a post a while back about what is involved, which might be helpful:


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