Embedding video to wordpress just got easier with the latest EmbedPlus update

embedplus-videoWith WordPress getting even smarter with it’s latest version update, there are two items that might need your attention if you add video to your pages or posts.

One involves embedding YouTube clips directly and the other involves an IMPORTANT tweak to the Embed Plus plugin which has long been a favourite of mine.

Embed plus update

Long time readers of this blog will know I always use embed plus for adding YouTube to my WordPress sites.

It lets me take a link to a clip and modify its screen size, start/stop point, and even add messages at certain points through a video.

However, one aspect I ALWAYS turn off is one that the makers appear to have ‘sneakily’ turned on with their latest update; connecting your video to the diatribe of YouTube and other social comments that the video has attracted across the web.

There is a way to turn it off, though, and it is as simple as going to the plugin’s settings at Settings>EmbedPlus.

On that page you will be able to untick boxes for options you do not want, and I suggest unticking:

  • Display Social Media Reactions (This is recommended so your visitors can see web discussions for each video right from your blog)

With that unchecked you can then UNcheck the option when embedding videos using their embed button, details of which are here.

The faster way to embed videos

With WordPress improving its native ability for making YouTube videos appear by just pasting in the link to a video in a Page or Post (making sure it is on its own line), you now have two easy options.

The first is to just paste a YouTube video web address onto a Page or Post like this:

https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=FZpQlQirH5M

In your site, that non-active web address would be replaced by a YouTube video player.

NOTE: I put a space between the dot and the com to break the link. If your pasted link goes blue to suggest it is an active hyperlink, select it with your cursor and click the Link icon in your menu bar that has a line through it, called the unlink button – then the embedding will work.

The downside of this method is that at the end of the video, YouTube will suggest other videos to play. Even adding the &rel=0 code doesn’t stop this any more.

The second option, once you have made the changes to the Embed Plus plugin detailed above is to go back to the plugin settings and make sure this option is ticked:

  • Automatically enhance all your YouTube embeds

This means that whenever you paste in a YouTube link as mentioned above, EmbedPlus will enhance the window and stop the showing of related videos at the end of a viewing.



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  1. Andy Turner

    Great post Steve, that ability to nix the showing of related videos is a bonus. I will be implementing this plugin on some of my sites.

    Thanks !


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