Delaying publication of your blogs on a WordPress website

scheduled-posts-wordpressYesterday I ran one of my ‘WordPress for Beginners’ workshops in Adelaide and one of the features of WordPress I demonstrated drew an audible gasp from the audience.

To be fair, the audience comprised small business people who are flat out keeping our economy running and delighted by any time efficiency technique.

The technique I refer to is of being able to delay the actual publication time and date of blog posts.

I’ll share the steps below, but first, let’s briefly cover WHY you would bother doing this.

Why delay publishing your blog articles?

There is two reasons I can think of for delaying publication of your blog posts:

  • Time management
  • Publication schedule

Although these sound a little similar, there are subtle differences.

Time management will be the reason if you are not likely to stick to a weekly publication schedule and would rather write a few articles in one hit and then stagger their release.

I know some people whose brains are wired this way; get them going and the articles pour out.

For these people, staggering release will extend the ‘bang for their buck’ with Google because it shows a sustained publication pattern, keeping the Google spiders interested and engaged.

The publication reason is the one that applies to me.

I have determined, for my own arbitrary reasons that I will blog on Marketing on Mondays and WordPress on Wednesdays – alliteration plays a role in this decision too!

So, most of the articles you see from me are actually posted to WordPress the day/night before publication; sometimes days or weeks prior but that is much rarer (usually due to holidays).

How to postpone publication

The process for delaying publication is quite simple in WordPress.

  1. Create your blog post as normal BUT before you hit PUBLISH, look above that button for the line that says Publish Immediately, followed by an Edit link.
  2. Click the edit link.
  3. Then choose the time and date you want your piece to go live.
  4. When set, click OK and then click the blue button which was once called PUBLISH but would have changed into SCHEDULE.
  5. With that done, you can Preview your post and make changes as normal.
  6. On the time and date specified, your article will go live, as if you were sitting at your computer.

I hope this feature helps you enjoy WordPress more, and lets you slips extra content marketing activity into your schedule!



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