Auto correct Bloopers: Cheeky marketing tools?

auto-correctForget the gym. I’m getting pregnant tonight!

Sorry, I tried to type ‘Pringles’.

And so begins some raised eyebrows and giggles as another item from Damn You Auto Correct does the rounds.

As I flicked through the latest collection passed onto me by my sister, it occurred to me, as I laughed out loud in a Darwin Airport (drawing attention from the Federal Police), that these goof ups are timeless and worthy of exploring from a marketing communication perspective.

The dynamic at work is one that cuts through our brains’ typical auto-pilot mode and grabs a fresh slice of attention.

And attention is at a premium these days.

The trick would be to apply some planned auto correct mistakes in an SMS campaign or some other digital communication that strikes readers as genuine and funny.

Here are some ‘work friendly’ favourites to give you an idea about these memes:

Some auto correct example for your enlargement (whoops, ‘enjoyment)


A. Hey do you have time for a quick dump after work tomorrow?
B. Well, I usually go in the morning if you must know …
B. But I could hold it in tomorrow if it’s really important to you


A. Can you buy -5 tuna (tomato and basil) -black sexless grapes -D’lite yoghurt
A. Oh crap. Seedless, seedless!
B. Lol … I didn’t know grapes had sex…

John Cell

A. Not yet
B. OK just let me know so I can have the grave open for you
A. Um, I’m just running a bit late. Burying me is a bit harsh, don’t you think?
B. Sorry, I meant grave
B. grage
B. groage
B. oh to hell with this … frickin auto correct


A. what up what up
B. Nada man – just planning for my dad’s sexchange
A. whoa, ur dad is having a sex change?
B. not sexchange, sixtieth

Can you fake an auto correct?

Faking an auto correct would be fraught with the danger of confusing clients, coming off as lame humour or just causing confusion.

However, if an idea arises that is too good to pass up, maybe it would be worth a try.

Here are a couple of example that border on lame but should get your creative juices flowing:

  • (SMS from a dentist)┬áThis is a fierce reminder about your dental appointment is tomorrow. (Fierce instead of friendly)
  • (Clothing retailer sleepwear offer) Last chance to stay warm at night for less with 75 percent off our pagans (Pagans instead of pyjamas)

The key thing to take away from today’s thoughts is that if you only ever go through the motions and present to people what they expect, they might remove you from their worlds or just ignore you.

Tricking us with something unexpected could be just what the dogman ordered!




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