WordPress is taking over the internet

Matt-Mullenweg wordpress taking over the web (Image Wikipedia)A Venture Beat article has confirmed that 18.9 percent of the world wide web is run on WordPress websites.

This announcement was made by WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg (pictured), at last week’s WordCamp in San Francisco, along with some insights into the new versions of WordPress scheduled for release during the rest of this year.

This should be comforting news if you have made a decision to adopt WordPress as your website’s content management system because it means the ecosystem of innovation and support will continue to grow.

I was chatting with a developer at an event last night, and he confided it is getting too hard to continue keeping his proprietary content management system up to date amid dealing with ongoing support of his current clients; he is slipper further behind.

To me, this underlines the beauty of using a well-organised and supported, open source content management system like WordPress.

You might also like to know that your site contributes to the 4 billion page views on WordPress websites and blogs that take place every month.

New functionality and security

Matt Mullenweg also shared insights into WordPress versions 3.6 and 3.7.

Some of the highlights included:

  • A horizontal slider that lets you revise your content
  • Native support for video, audio and even Spotify song playlists
  • An improved system for websites shared between colleagues – if someone else is working on a page or post, it lets you know and asks whether you want to take control
  • Various security and language features

Increasingly, visitors are accessing WordPress sites on mobile devices with some 48 percent using Android devices and 31 percent using iOs/Apple devices.

With that in mind, an increasing number of mobile apps and functionality is being introduced to the software.

If you have just joined the ranks of people who own WordPress websites, you have certainly timed your move well!




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