How the new Gmail inbox tabs will destroy unwanted email newsletter marketing

gmail-inbox-tabs by Steve DavisPeople who use Gmail or Google Apps to read their email have had a major change recently, and it could mean your marketing emails have gone missing.

These users now have their email AUTOMATICALLY divided between Primary, Social and Promotions tabs.

Even if you don’t use these services yourself, if you send emails for business you need to understand the new landscape facing half a billion Gmail users and the staff within the 5 million businesses that now use Google Apps as their email providers.

How the new Gmail tab system works

When your Gmail or Google Apps email account is converted to the new system, users get their emails automatically SORTED into a number of main folders.

By default, three folders are installed:

  • Primary – all major and uncategorised email arrives here
  • Social – updates from your social networking accounts here, such as Premier Jay Weatherill is now following you on Twitter, or Steven Marshall has commented on your post in Facebook
  • Promotions – emails that are newsletters or mass-sent

Two other filters or folders can be turned on:

  • Updates – Payment notifications from PayPal, ticket confirmations, etc.
  • Forums – Activity from forums you are engaged in, such as, New comments have been made in your LinkedIn Group – Rulers of the known world – from Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbot.

Goodbye pesky email newsletters

As a user, I am loving the fact that my Primary email inbox is much leaner now.

I have been able to glance at newsletters in my Promotions box, select all, and archive them if I do not have time to read any.

This also means that the newsletters I’ve been meaning to unsubscribe to will now be easier to snare and dispatch.

Yet another benefit is that insidious spam, the few that do not get captured by Google’s excellent spam trapping, are easy to destroy.

Of course, this also means that you can dismiss me from your life more easily now.

However, I think this is a good thing.

Newsletters should always be about the satisfaction of the reader.

If you have just been churning out institutional drudge because you or your boss think ‘that’s what we have to do’, a lot of users will never need to be subjected to that content again.

On the flipside, I am finding this new system helps me isolate the newsletters and emailed blogs that I DO want to read.

By clicking and dragging such WANTED items into my Primary inbox, I am building an email ecosystem that restores the value and sane orderliness it once had a long time ago.

How does this affect your WordPress blogging?

If you have your blogs set up to be published through a service like MailChimp, just as we do here at Baker Marketing, this should be an interesting transition period.

Given that your blogs are typically shorter, more focused and, therefore, more interesting than typical newsletter content, your automated email newsletters consisting of blogs readers have subscribed to, should be welcomed at the other end.

The key, as always, is to deliver value; valuable and helpful information in your blogs and the email newsletters spawned from them.

And now, moreso than ever before, to be do anything less is to be doing nothing worthwhile.



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  1. Jerome van der Linden

    While the new Google categorized mailbox system may appeal to some, the Internet is full of complaints from people who don’t want their gmail messages categorized.

    I find it absolutely unbelievable that a company like Google would not allow users to turn this off: whatever happened to “the customer is always right?”



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