Download my PDF brochure: Simple steps in WordPress

By Adobe.Lumu at de.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia CommonsWordPress has made it easier for adding links to PDF documents on your website.

And this quick tutorial will be a handy prompt, if ever you get stuck.

If you have been reading my blogs for a while,  you will know I covered this in December 2012, however, subsequent WordPress updates have simplified the buttons and steps involved.

The first point to note is that I NEVER put content online ONLY in PDF format.

PDF is handy for giving site visitors the option of downloading supplementary information (a brochure to support a piece of content) or a print-ready duplicate of the information on the web page.

There are a few reasons I take this stance, namely:

  • Web content natively published as part of a web Page or Post is much quicker to load and easy to read
  • Native web content (on a well designed site) flows nicely on the screen, whether it is a laptop, tablet, or smart phone
  • Google can much more easily access and reference native web content
  • Some users still get confused when they click a PDF download link and wonder why their screen has gone temporarily blank during the download process

One extra point is that if websites primarily make their content available in PDF format it shows they do not understand the web environment or are lazy.

How to make PDF documents ready for download in WordPress

Let’s assume you have a Page or Post with content that now needs a link added for the downloading of a PDF.

  1. Firstly, click your cursor on your WordPress Page or Post editing screen (this will position the link to the PDF)
  2. Click on the Add Media button
  3. Click the Upload Files link and then the Seletct Files button to look for your PDF document on your computer
  4. When you find it, double click it and it should start uploading into your website
  5. When the upload has finished, look to the right of your work screen and a slim column of options should appear.
  6. Clear the Title field and replace it with the text you want, such as Click Here To Download The Steve Davis Memoirs
  7. Look further down in the Attachment Display Settings and choose Medial File in the Link To dropdown box
  8. Click Insert Into Page
  9. Back on the Page or Post, click Publish or Update, and you are done

Congratulations, you have now inserted a download link to your PDF file.




  1. Alice

    another great tip – thanks!

  2. Mary Ahern

    Thank you for this very clear and helpful explanation of how to create a download for PDF files on a WordPress website.

  3. Selene

    Thanks, very helpful! 🙂

  4. Sandy

    Thanks Steve. This is the clearest n easiest to understand thus far from my search for solution online. It would be extremely helpful to have an additinal video demo for this too 🙂 Thanks again for the great work. To your Abundance!

  5. Barbara

    Thanks Steve. All very clear only problem is my files are too big so I will have to do a bit of work reducing the size before I can up load them. Cheers, Barbara

  6. Jana

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for the tip. What I’d like to understand is whether Google will index the pdf’s as content after finding them with my images in the uploads folder. I occasionally find pdf’s displayed in Google’s search results instead of web pages, so obviously it is able to index them. I wish I had the ability to specify ‘noindex, nofollow’ on some of my pdf’s. I would appreciate your comments on this. Thanks and regards,



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