The top 5 most read WordPress blog posts of all time

steve-davis-holiday-bwI am still on the road and given the list of Top 5 marketing blogs on Monday, I thought I had better share our Top 5 WordPress blogs today.

From a WordPress user’s perspective, you get a good sense for which articles are resonating with your audience thanks to the easy ability to have a Google Analytics dashboard embedded in the admin area of your website.

This means that any time you want to see what content is attracting the most activity, a quick glimpse in your WordPress dashboard and you get to see your:

  • Top 5 pages/posts
  • Top 5 traffic sources
  • Top 5 search keywords used on search engines to find your site
  • Total number of unique visitors and visits from the previous 30 days

However, as I found out, you still get surprised when you look deep into your Google Analytics over an extended period because a page that never quite made your top five could easily be a really important page over time.

I should also point out that there are other measures for determining whether your content is working, including direct enquiries via the site, email or phone and social sharing and mentions of your content.

The Top 5 WordPress Blog Posts on Marketing Minds 2012-mid 2013

Without further ado, here is the list of the most engaging WordPress content we’ve produced thus far.

  1. WordPress vs Yola – no contest for serious businesses
  2. Googlebot can’t access your site – Don’t panic
  3. Using Hootsuite to share your WordPress blog post on Twitter and Facebook
  4. BPS Alert! Your site does not appear to be protected
  5. Beware the SEO snake oil merchants

I hope you get a chance to look back over your body of work this week and think about reviewing or re-sharing it.

NOTE: Yes, I used the same image as Monday but in honour of the ‘hipness’ of WordPress, I used the black and white version!



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