The top 5 most read marketing blog posts of all time

steve-davis-holidayI’m travelling at the moment and always look for some reading to tuck away, which gave me the idea of a blog post to share with you in my absence.

If you can find a few minutes to settle down with a warming drink this week, I’ve dug through the analytics to find the five most read marketing articles we’ve ever published.

Inside your Google Analytics, you can go to Content > Site Content > All Pages to rank your site pages by the number of page views.

One extra step was required in researching today’s leaderboard, and that was resetting the date range at the top right of the Google Analytics dashboard.

By default, Google Analytics looks back over the past 30 days but with a little fiddling you can monitor and even compare different date ranges.

One other reason I’m doing this Best Of post today is to encourage you to look back over your blogs; you might find some gems that need resharing or even updating.

The Top 5 Marketing Minds Blog Posts 2012-mid 2013

These articles attracted the largest quantity of inbound traffic to the Baker Marketing website. I hope you still find them helpful or interesting.

  1. Spring Gully Foods fight back: A patriotic army marches on its parochial stomach
  2. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes: The day I almost trapped an internet scam artist
  3. The Sunday Mail Top 100 Adelaide Twits List: The Danger of a Twitter Fluff Piece
  4. It started with a tweet: Your subconscious and purchase decisions
  5. Smaller banks and businesses CAN, the big 4 banks CAN’T





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