Capture spam without using a CAPTCHA code on your form

captcha-code Fast Secure contact form problemIf your WordPress website is using the Fast Secure Contact Form to manage forms on your site, it is a good idea to run a test today.

This generally excellent plugin is having a little strife with its CAPTCHA code and I have a simple solution – delete it.

The CAPTCHA code is that little box of numbers and/or letters that you see on some websites.

Its role is to prove that you are human, which is based on the assumption that computers and ‘bots’ cannot read these images like they can easily read text on your page.

These codes have been a powerful way for webmasters to raise the bar and make it harder for spams to use automated systems for submitting their junk content to websites through comment forms, etc.

What is happening with the plugin?

It appears that on some WordPress installations, everything appears normal but the Fast Secure Contact Form refuses to accept any entries in the CAPTCHA code area.

This means that even if you work meticulously, typing each character perfectly, the form rejects you.

This is not to be mistaken with those very tricky CAPTCHA codes used by Google and other firms that are notorious for trying to get right, even for humans.

In this case, there is a bug affecting the checking of your entry.

However, there is a simple solution.

How to solve the problem

The simple solution is to just turn OFF the CAPTCHA code for your forms.

As I worked through the Fast Secure Contact Form settings, I noticed that it says the following next to the area where you can turn the CAPTCHA code on or off:

You can disable CAPTCHA if you prefer, because the form also uses Akismet to prevent spam when Akismet plugin is installed with the key activated.

If your WordPress site was built by Baker Marketing, you can rest assured that Akismet (the trusted anti-spam plugin for WordPress) will have been turned on AND activated.

If not, go to Plugins > Akismet in your website and activate it today. It will require you grabbing a key from a account and has instructions for that.

For the rest of us, to turn OFF the CAPTCHA code do the following:

  1. Go to Plugins > FS Contact Form Options
  2. Click on Form 1 and scroll down to the CAPTCHA tab.
  3. UNclick ‘Enable CAPTCHA’/
  4. Scroll down a little further and click Update Options.
  5. Repeat for other forms if you have more than one form on your website.

I have no doubt their will be a solution for the CAPTCHA code issue soon, but you might never need it again with Akismet on the job.




  1. Jonathan

    There are other ways you can block spam without using captcha. I’ve started using minteye, mainly because other captchas are a mess on mobile.

    • Steve Davis

      Hi Jonathon, thanks for that. I have taken a look at that service and the free, clean option looks good. Have my doubts about the ad version on a business website but on personal sites it would be a good idea. Thanks. Steve


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