SoundCloud: Let people hear your marketing

steve-davis-soundcloudThere is a social network emerging on the horizon that you might not have seen but are likely to soon hear about.

It’s called SoundCloud.

SoundCloud was developed a few years ago in Germany by some techs and musicians looking for a tool for sharing sounds quickly.

It has since evolved into a platform that lets you record sounds, edit them, publish them online and then share them through social networks.

I’d say it is the aural version of Instagram.

As you will see or hear, below, it also lets you embed your sound clips on your website.

You get an allowance of two hours free when you join and can then upgrade to premium accounts for extra features and capacity.

From a marketing perspective, being able to capture and share sounds quickly and socially, offers great potential for helping prospective customers use their imagination and become involved in your product or service.

Ideas for audio marketing

If your organisation involves activity that creates or is surrounded by interesting sounds, plenty of ideas should flow when you start playing with this tool.

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Capturing the serenity of your rural property where you produce …
  • Listening to the water and gulls as you share spoken observations about your cruise operation …
  • Recording the sound of crisp vegetables being sliced or diced in your kitchen, perhaps as your chef talks through the menu …
  • Direct interviews with key staff, suppliers or experts about your products and services, and their points of difference …
  • Mystery sound competition for an event, store, tourist attraction …
  • The sound of your hire care or bus engine, even a chat with a driver while on the road …
  • Fun comments from a ‘character’ in your organisation, or those of clients and customers …
  • Exercise guidance, tourist guidance, songs, etc …

The sky’s the limit when you think about any aural elements that could give your marketing extra substance.

Listen to Steve Davis on the MIX radio interview

Here is Pete Davies on his 360 program on Mix 104.9 in Darwin, interviewing me, Steve Davis, about my recent visit. The picture, above, is me in the Mix studios on a previous visit.

This is a fairly straightforward, even crude, use of SoundCloud but it serves as an example of how it can help embellish your marketing messages online.

What you’ll hear has been recorded via an iPhone laying down on the guest side of the radio console, and still the sound is strong and clear.


If you do use SoundCloud, I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.



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