How to start writing blogs in your WordPress website

Steve Davis says start blogging - it is as simple as learning how to tip a slinky down the stairsDuring a workshop this week, someone said they had no idea where to start on the journey of blogging.

My reflex reaction was to suggest starting with a ‘how to’ blog.

And so, today, I want to lay a challenge at your feet.

If you have been stuck for ideas for your first or next blog, why not try a ‘how to’ approach.

Think about a problem or challenge that your potential customers might be facing right now, and jot down a few steps on ‘how to’ solve it or understand it.

Or, think about someone using your products and services and share with them ‘how to’ get better value or use out of their purchase.

That’s it for today. Please do your business a favour and draft (or publish) a ‘how to’ blog post.

If you want to share it with the world, you can start by sharing the link to your post in the comments below, along with any explanation you would like to share about why you wrote it and what the experience was like.

Some ‘how to’ posts to get you started

If you would like to read some ‘how to’ posts to get you into gear, here are a few from Marketing Minds over the past year or so:

Good luck.



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