Is marketing a matter of faith?

Steve Davis consulting the Marketing 'bible'

Steve Davis consulting the Marketing ‘bible’

Yes, this is an odd topic but one of great importance as you embark upon or renew your marketing journey.

The idea arose over Friday evening drinks under a warm, breezy, Darwin sky with Sarah Price from I Spry Digital.

We were discussing the introductory period with new clients and how important it is to forge trust with one another in that phase.

This is because we are likely to be relying on our clients to step outside their comfort zones and forge new habits to help feed their marketing efforts through content creation, engagement, and sometimes the use of new tools.

For example, have you planned or drafted your blogs yet?

This is a big ask and it is easy for those of us ‘in the game’ to under estimate how challenging the adoption of such new habits can be.

That is when the coin dropped for me; when I start working with you, I’m asking you to have faith in marketing principles and faith in me!

I’m not the Messiah, I’m just your marketer

The most common area In which I ‘push’ clients is in the realm of digging deep into their own experience to find the seeds of new marketing stories.

To busy, practically-minded owners and managers of businesses and organisations, it must really feel like I’m asking them to have a little faith in me as we plot our course and start doing things they might never have done before because results don’t happen overnight.

Faith is the personal acceptance of someone or something based on a decision rather than on external, quantifiable or repeatable evidence.

While marketing can be measured and monitored, there is always a period in the beginning of any new marketing program when the laying of ground work requires a degree of faith.

I’ve come to realise more strongly than ever that the level of faith that can be achieved with your marketer is directly related to how well the objectives and methods being accepted and adopted have been discussed and understood.

Seek first to understand

What can we do with this revelation?

I think the first step is to invest some time in any meeting about marketing strategy or marketing tactics to ask as many questions as you can so you can grasp what is being suggested and how it applies to your marketing goals.

Don’t for a second think that any of your questions are silly questions. I think what is ‘silly’ is agreeing to any course of action that will cost you time and money without understanding the ‘why’.

If you’ve worked with me or the Baker Marketing team in the past, I’d love you to share any examples of techniques or analogies that helped you ‘get it’. Please flick me an email or leave a comment if you wish.

And while we always strive to explain things clearly a neat little trick if ever something is not clear to you is to ask the person you’re with to ‘rephrase’ what they just said; explain it differently. If they know their stuff, it will be a walk in the park. If not, it means you’ve probably sat down with someone who is just mouthing cliches and it might be a good idea to excuse yourself.

Of course, the flip side of all of this is, how well do YOU explain the relevant benefits of your products and services to your clients or customers?

Maybe, this week, we should all pledge to stop conversations midway to check how well our ‘audience’ is following along.

Do you have enough faith to try that yourself?



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