How to let visitors Pin images from your WordPress blog on Pinterest

PinterestPinterest is the social site that can match it with Facebook in one really important aspect: Stickiness.

Stickiness, in web terminology, means how long people stay on your website when they visit.

In my NBN online marketing workshops in Darwin this week, I twice had to fight to get attention back from participants after showing them how to explore Pinterest as a marketing exercise.

The simple action at the heart of Pinterest (pinning pictures from websites into your Pinterest pinboards) harnesses the human inclination of hoarding, curating and capturing memories.

As marketers, it seems wise and natural to make sure that our images can be part of this active centre of ‘window shopping’ because ‘pinned’ images maintain their link back to the original website.

This is easy to achieve, as I’ll outline below.

The Pinterest curse

Currently, Pinterest does bring a blessing and a curse to online marketers.

The blessing is that making your images easy to ‘pin’ helps your content raise awareness about you, your products and services inside Pinterest.

The curse is that up until now, most traffic moves TOWARD Pinterest rather than back out to original sites.

While we can work on ways to achieve greater flows away from Pinterest, in the short term, taking a few minutes to make Pinning of your images easy for visitors can at least help you start having Pinners raise awareness of you socially.

To achieve this, simply install the Social Sharing Toolkit (read the blog about installing the Social Sharing plugin from January) and in the Content tab, make sure you select Pinterest in your list of social services.

This will make a Pinterest ‘Pin’ or button available at the bottom of all your Pages and/or Post.

Do your Pins move the needle?

If you want to monitor how much your Pinterest action provides traffic back to your site, Pinterest has just released new analytics for website owners.

This will be worth investigating because just doing something ‘cool’ for the sake of it is a great way to waste time and resources. The new Pinterest analytics will at least show you what types of images attract the most interest and return clicks, giving you feedback on your relevancy in the marketplace.

You can read up on how to install and access Pinterest analytics on the Pinterest blog.



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