I’m dreaming of a WordPress Christmas

wordpress 3.5 is like a xmas present

WordPress 3.5 is like a Christmas present (Image jessiegel via Flickr)

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas if you’re running a WordPress website for your marketing.

This week, WordPress released version 3.5 and there are two additions that stand out for you are:

  • A very intuitive media manager for handling your images
  • Some changes to the coding that allows WordPress sites to load faster

Of course there are more new features such as the new default theme boasting responsive design, retina display for the admin area and smoother handling for tablets and mobile devices.

But the one I want to concentrate on for us, is the new media manager.

The first step, however, is to go ahead and upgrade WordPress to 3.5.

When that is done, I will walk you through the key steps.

Uploading images within a Page or Post

Although you can upload images directly to WordPress by going to Media > Add New in the admin part of the site, most of us tend to add images while working on Pages or Posts.

You will now see a button called ‘Add Media’ at the top of your editing menu and when you click through you will find a visual display of your previously uploaded images.

Note that when you upload your new image, it will appear in the list and when you click to select it, its details appear to the side of the screen. Fill them out as usual.

Have a play and I think you will enjoy this new addition.

Maybe add some Christmas photos to a Page today?




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