Add a PDF download link to your WordPress website

Adding a PDF download link to a WordPress website

This is the icon you click to start adding a PDF document to your WordPress web page

[July 2013: This post has now been superseded by an updated version. Please visit: Download my PDF brochure: Simple steps in WordPress]

I’ve been asked this week about how you can make a PDF document available for download from your WordPress website.

The steps are quite straightforward but there are two things to note first:

  1. Please make your content available as on-page content first and offer a PDF download as a supplementary feature of your site
  2. Note the upload limits in your website, often set at 2mb – if unsure, ask your webmaster or web host

The first point relates to the fact that many web users either HATE or are CONFUSED by PDF downloads. If you must make content available by PDF, please consider creating a page first with all the content contained there (even if it looks different to the PDF) so that people who care about the information can easily access and read it. Likewise, Google does seem to find native web content much easier to index reliably than PDF content.

The second point only becomes relevant if you attempts at uploading PDFs to your website keep timing out.

Six steps for adding a PDF download link to a WordPress site

So, assuming you have created a page of content, these are the six steps you need for adding a link to let people download a PDF document:

  1. On your page, in the editing screen view, click on the Upload/Insert icon (it should say Add Media when you hover over it)
  2. Click the Select Files button and look for your PDF document on your computer
  3. When you find it, double click it and it should start uploading into your website
  4. When the upload has finished, clear the Title field and replace it with the text you want, such as Click Here To Download The Steve Davis Memoirs
  5. Don’t touch anything else, just click Insert Into Post and then click Update or Publish back on your site.
  6. Click View Page or View Post to take a look at your link.

Congratulations, you have done it.




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