Why click frenzy should help you appreciate your WordPress site

Click Frenzy and the Tortoise approach to online marketing

Click Frenzy and the Tortoise approach to online marketing (Image Katerha via Flickr)

Last night, Australia was meant to be gripped by an online shopping bonanza through clickfrenzy.com.au.

Instead the The Sale That Stops The Nation fell at the first hurdle as, apparently, its servers were overloaded and the website frizzled within the first couple of hours.

This means many online shoppers were left staring at a ‘site cannot be found’ message, the equivalent of turning up for Boxing Day sales and being locked out of the store.

My marketer’s heart goes out to the people behind Click Frenzy and their web hosting team because last night would have been a horrible experience to endure.

That is why today’s WordPress Wednesday article is NOT going to be a snide, ‘tall poppy’ attack but rather a reflection on why your WordPress site, that you are building slowly but surely, is likely to be a more sustainable business tool than any of the glitzy super bargain, all-shimmering sites, sales, trends and fads that come and go.

The Hare, the Tortoise, and your online marketing

Today’s piece is an homage to the Tortoise.

In the world of online marketing, whether or not you are applying ecommerce tools, there is a lot to be said about ‘sure and steady’.

The benefits of a tortoise-like approach to marketing, particularly online marketing include:

  • Ability to test, try and steadily build a foundation of content that your target market responds to
  • Opportunity to establish deeper bonds with customers/clients – an important medium to long term investment
  • Less inclination toward overstocking or ramping up under pressure, where mistakes can be made
  • Low risk of having a web server get overloaded and ‘shut your shop’ during critical sales phases

This doesn’t mean we should drag our feet and be slow to respond to market demand, it just means that quite often, great bubbles of excitement, hype and attention come and leave quickly at quite a high cost.

I have sat through many sad stories of small business owners who have been burnt badly by money-losing deals offered through those discount coupon sites and no doubt a lot of capital was risked in placing everything on November 20 for some of the retailers involved.

Meanwhile, there will have been a number of small businesses sending out meaningful, valuable emails to small clutches of clients last night. Hopefully, they will have been thoughtfully targeted and likely to bring home a tidy, business-sustaining return.

The beauty of WordPress as your online vehicle is that the one site can grow with you over time from a small to medium organisation into a Fortune 500 company!

So, perhaps the better ‘frenzies’ for us are the focus-deeply-on-our-customers frenzy, the over-deliver-on-value frenzy, and the remember-to-keep-building-our-base-of-strategic-content frenzy – all applied in a careful, step-by-step fashion.

(Next week, WordPress Wednesday will return to more specific WordPress tools and tips)



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