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Using Flickr images the right way in WordPress

Superman keeping watch over our photo gathering activity (Image JD Hancock via Flickr)

[NOTE: This blog post has now been superseded by a newer version that reflects changes at Flickr. Click through to it here: The new look Flickr is still a great source for WordPress blog images]

Because I believe that every blog post you publish should have at least one interesting and/or informative image included, I am often asked for tips on how to find and insert them into WordPress.

As with all things WordPress, there are often a few different ways you can do things, so I will share my process with you even though there will be some simpler and more complex methods out there.

Why illustrate this article with Superman or, rather, ‘Justice Lords Superman’?

Firstly, earlier this week I referred to the changing role of Clark Kent in the latest Superman instalment, from reporter at the Daily Planet to blogger. So using his image today will create a theme for my work this week.

Secondly, I want to stress my method ticks all the boxes with Flickr and the artists who share work there, so Superman is representing the purity of this method.

Thirdly, I couldn’t think of a particular image to use so I just used the method, below, and searched on the term ‘justice’ to see what Flickr suggested.

The photo finding, harnessing, cropping, and publishing process took less than five minutes. It might take you a little longer at first, while you get used to the steps. After that, you will be rewarded with sublime collection of interesting photos and illustrations to help you finesse your blog posts and website pages.

Finding and using photos from Flickr

Go to, click Search and then Advanced Search (that link should take you directly to the Advanced Search page)

Type your image topic or theme in the search box

Scroll to bottom of page and click all three Creative Commons boxes.

Click Search

Click on the image you want to use – save the URL (web address for that photos main page on Flickr, for example, the link to the Superman image, above, is and copy down the photographer’s name so you can credit them on your site

Click Actions > View All Sizes and download the size you need

In photo software (I use Adobe Photoshop ELEMENTS), crop to desired size (300 x 300 pixels is useful size) and Save For Web as jpeg or png

Back on your WordPress website, click the Add Media button above your Page or Post editing menu. Choose to Add Media From Computer and use the Select Files button to search your computer for the image you just edited from Flickr.

Insert image in your blog and in the Caption field, add Photographer’s name (like you see in the Superman image, above) and a link to the photo on Flickr <a href=“” target=“_blank”>Flickr</a>

For example, the caption for the Superman image looks like this in the WordPress ‘add image’ box:

Superman keeping watch over our photo gathering activity (Image <a href=”” target=”_blank”>JD Hancock via Flickr</a>)

NOTE: I also make sure I enter meaningful text in the ALT TEXT field when adding images, and I align my images to the right of the page so that my words can wrap around from the left. That is person preference.

Now you will be able to illustrate your Pages and Posts to make them more compelling for readers, when you don’t have images of your own to use.

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