A WordPress tips round up

Marketing workshops Coonawarra style WIBRD

50 Shades Of Red – today’s relaxed reflections arose from a marketing workshop in the Coonawarra

I have just completed two very full days of workshops with Women In Business and Regional Development at Coonawarra in the South East of South Australia.

Judging by many of the questions, there is a decent spread of WordPress users in this part of the world and perhaps a crop of some new users on the way.

For them and for you, I have decided to share a small bunch of links back to the most commonly referred to tutorials I have shared on WordPress Wednesday throughout the year.

Here they are:

Why blog in WordPress?

(Re)connecting Google Analytics to your WordPress site

Adding video to your WordPress website

Adding photos to your site via Flickr

Inserting PowerPoint presentation into WordPress pages and posts

I hope you find this collection helpful.

If you have other WordPress tasks or questions you would like me to cover, please leave them in the comments below or email steve@bakermarketingservices.com



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