A simple way to exclude or hide pages from your WordPress menu

Exclude pages from wordpress

Successfully excluded! (Image by gabe photos via Flickr)

Every now and then, you create a page on your WordPress website that is there for people to go to AFTER certain actions.

For example, a Thank You page is often created when you have forms on your site so that after people submit their form to you, they can be sent to the Thank You page.

However, you don’t want your Thank You page visible on the menu of your website because it would make no sense to visit it without having submitted a form.

There are many ways of excluding pages, including:

  • Altering code in WordPress itself to exclude pages by their file number or category
  • Choosing the appropriate option in your theme (some themes, and most used by Baker Marketing clients, ┬áhave an option to add, hide or modify the Page name in menus by default)
  • Building your menus using Appearance > Menus and manipulating your menu display that way
  • Using the Exclude Pages plugin

If the first three options do not apply to you, the Exclude Pages plugin is worth a visit.

Simply go to Plugins > Add New and search for Exclude Pages by Simon Wheatley.

Once you have installed and activated it, the editing screen of every Page on your site will have an Include This Page box which is ticked by default. On pages you wish to hide or exclude, simply UNTICK that box and update the page. It will still be there but will not be found by your website’s menu.

NOTE: If you hide or exclude a parent page, all its child pages or subpages will become hidden as well.



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