Why blog in WordPress? It’s one minute away from Google

60 seconds from wordpress to google

Good reason to dance the Marimba – 60 seconds from WordPress to Google!

How long does it take your website content to work its way into Google?

I know that back in the day when I used simple HTML sites, Joomla, and even some proprietary content systems, it still took the days, weeks or months that most content takes to be spidered and referenced.

Well, I fell off my chair this week when meeting with Wendy Perry from Workforce Blueprint when she asked me that direct question.

We checked one of her recent blog posts in the Google cache, which is measured in GMT, and compared it to the time she published her article.

It was a matter of sixty seconds from publish to searchable.

I have always known WordPress has been engineered in an elegant way to make sure Google’s spiders are always welcome and can find their way around, but one minute is ridiculously magnificent!

I tried to write this blog post faster than it will take Google to reference it in its search database, but I failed miserably.

Have you blogged this week?

Tick, tock …




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