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Jordan with his dad, Neil Casson – winners of week one in the Gawler Father’s Day Competition. Read the winning entry in The Bunyip today.

Having a WordPress website is all about engagement, particularly engaging with visitors and engaging with the Google spiders.

But working on the website at the moment has reminded just how surprising and powerful human engagement can be.

One of the most obvious tools of engagment is the contact form and the Gawler Fathers’ Day Competition is simply using a form as a competition entry form instead of a simple contact mechanism.

Here are some of the entries in which children have explained why they believe their dad is awesome.

  • He is always there for me and would do anything in the world for his family. I love him more than the earth! (Emma, Tanunda)
  • He loves to play with me and make me laugh. He also spoils me with gifts and special activities. I love spending time with him. (D’Artagnan, Sandy Creek)
  • He kicks the fotty with me every day. (Gary, Gawler)
  • My Dad helps our country and other countries with the RAAF. He ALWAYS goes away, but when he is home he always watches me play basketball and reads me stories. (Ben, Gawler East)

What would generating this content mean for your business?

Firstly, when done well, it generates a warm connection between you and the site visitors who take part in your competition.

Secondly, it generates content that no copy writer on Earth could produce – nothing beats authentic writing from real humans.

Thirdly, it allows you to build your database of people interested in you and your products and services, provided you ask nicely and correctly.

There are more than 1,000 form plugins for WordPress, so let’s share our favourite.

Which form do we use?

The forms we use can vary, depending on the needs of each project.

Our all time favourite, however is Fast Secure Contact Form.

We tend to use Fast Secure Contact form for most installations because it lets you copy form settings so you can easily add new ones. This is really time saving when you have a few variations to make from a core form.

This plugin also lets you easily download a backup of all your form settings for transferring between sites, or just for peace of mind.

And it not only allows you to add a limitless number of fields, it also gives you excellent control over the design and layout of your form.




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