Segmentation and RSS Newsletters in Mailchimp: Taming the monkey mischief

The cheeky Mailchimp monkeyI have long been a fan of Mailchimp as an email service provider par excellence for small business.

However, this morning, I discovered a little quirk involving its automatic RSS emails and your beloved WordPress site.

A very handy and powerful feature is the RSS newsletter option.

With this option, you can write blogs and have Mailchimp automatically bundle them off and send to subscribers as newsletters using what’s called the RSS feed of your website content.

However, we segment our subscribers, giving you the choice between getting our Marketing posts on a Monday and/or our WordPress posts on a Wednesday.

And today, it turns out we have been just a little too clever for ourselves and the Mailchimp monkey had the last laugh.

Even monkeys use fine print

“We’ll only send if there is new content” is an attractive part of the automatic RSS newsletters in Mailchimp.

But that test is only run per newsletter.

As this video screencast explains, when you try to be a little bit too tricky, the monkey will always come out on top.




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